Virtual Wind Farm Tour

We are seeking 3D modelers/game developers who can help us develop a virtual environment where users can experience a virtual tour of a wind farm. We have developed a model using Revit, 3D Studio Max, and Unity and the required skills to enhance our current model include:

  • Programming in Unity.

  • Develop 3D models in Revit/3D Studio Max.

  • Basic knowledge of wind turbines. (Provided in ENGY 670 course)

openStudio.jpg (1).jpg

Data-Driven Building Energy Model

We are seeking computer scientists who are interested in data visualization and data mining. Our data includes building energy use, temperature, humidity, solar radiation, occupancy, human activities, HVAC properties, etc. The models could be based on supervised or unsupervised techniques for either residential or commercial buildings.


Customized Measures in OpenStudio

We are looking for programmers who can help us with writing OpenStudio measures. One of the features in OpenStudio is the capability of adding customized measures to obtain specific outputs and perform unique parametric studies in a building energy model. The required skills for this position include:

  • Writing scripts in Ruby.

  • Basic knowledge of building energy modeling (Provided in ENGY 730 course).

Data Mining on Building Energy Data

We are seeking computer scientists who are interested in performing statistical analysis on energy-related data for buildings in the US. The data set is based on EIA's report and we would need to obtain valuable information and visualize them. This information should give us more insight into building energy use in the US.