Lab Director


My name is Ehsan Kamel, director of the Energy and Green Technologies Laboratory (EnTech Lab) at New York Institute of Technology (NYIT). I’m an assistant professor in the Department of Energy Management at the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences (CoECS). I obtained my Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Pennsylvania State University in 2017, and my research is focused on building energy modeling (BEM), the application of building information modeling (BIM) in BEM, energy-smart homes, and building energy retrofit. I also have a background in building science, building enclosure design, and seismic engineering, with an emphasis on the seismic behavior of reinforced lightweight concrete.

Dr. Ehsan Kamel


Professor Shaya Sheikh 

obtained his Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in 2013. He collaborates with the EnTech Lab on different research projects in the area of data-driven energy models and data mining for buildings energy-related data.

Dr. Shaya Sheikh

Yogesh Chavan is a Master’s  student in Computer Science at NYIT. He is responsible for the development of the Internet of Things network and of connecting different types of devices or sensors to IoT cloud servers.


Yogesh Chavan

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Divyang Patel is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Computer Science at NY Tech. He is responsible for Developing the Digital Twins Project model using Ravit and Visual Studio


Divyang Patel


Dr. Aydin Farajidavar

Aydin Farajidavar is the director of Integrated Medical Systems Laboratory and an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NYIT. He is collaborating with the EnTech Lab on developing wireless multi-functional sensors for collecting environmental data.


Harshada A. Phadol  is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Data Science at NY Tech. She is currently working with the Digital Twin team on 3D modelling and Visualization of Revit models.


Harshada A. Phadol


Kajal Sheth is a graduate student in Energy Management. She works  on a solar module emulator to design a PV system. She is also writing a research paper on Building and Energy policies for the EnTech Lab


Kajal Sheth

Prakash majors in Mechanical Engineering - Aerospace. He joined EnTech Lab as a Research Assistant for Energy Building Modulation. He was on ‘Forbes 30 under 30’ in 2018 in ‘Green Tech & Entrepreneurship’


Prakash Bajgain

Amma Calhoun is an Environmental Technology and Sustainability graduate student at NYIT. She is working on the energy analysis of buildings through Revit for the EnTech Lab.


Amma Calhoun

I hold a master’s degree in Information Systems, and currently pursuing a second master’s degree in Energy Management. I worked on Energy Modelling of a smart house


Ayodeji Katibi

Naveen Jose James has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering. He worked on energy conservation and modeling projects focused on the HVAC systems for the Old Westbury campus buildings.


Naveen James

Kathia is pursuing a M.S. degree in Computer Science at NYIT. She is the website developer of the new EnTech Lab site, and she works with the data science team on machine learning model development.


Kathia Teran

Ravleen Kaur is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science at NY Tech. She is currently working on the digital aspect of the EnTech Lab, such as designing logos. 


Ravleen Kaur

My name is Dan Hart and I’m a high school student. I helped out in the EnTech Lab on building energy modeling projects by collecting data


Daniel Hart

KB is an international Student from the island paradise of Dominica who is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Energy Management at NYIT. His research is centered around generating building energy models.


O'neil K. Bruno

My name is Nurbolat Tulegenov. I graduated from NYIT in '16 with a B.S. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. The project I worked on at was centralizing the control over different smart devices.


Nick Tulegenov

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Anthony San Jose is a data science graduate student with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Stony Brook University. His research at EnTech Lab focuses on data collecting and analyzing the existing HVAC system at the NYIT Old Westbury campus to improve its energy consumption. 


Anthony San Jose

Shiva Nekooei is pursuing a M.S. degree in Energy Management at NYIT. She works on Variable Refrigerant Flow system optimization by sensitivity analysis method and building energy modelling.


Shiva Nekooei

YAishwarya Sharma has a B.S. degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. She is currently working on developing a model of an energy house using her skills in Machine Learning.


Aishwarya Sharma

Huanfang Gu is a Master’s candidate in Energy Management. He worked at EnTech Lab on a project focused on HVAC scheduling techniques.


Huanfang Gu

Manikanth Goud is pursuing his M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering at NYIT. He collects the energy consumption data from Old Westbury campus buildings and develops models for energy conservation.


Manikanth Goud

I am a Master’s candidate in Environmental Technology and Sustainability. I worked on a project pertaining to chemical to electrical energy conversions with the use of electrolizer and hydrogen fuel cells.


Alex Atrachji

Nadi AbuMahfouz's project was focused on developing wireless devices to monitor temperature, humidity, radiations, and airspeed from different locations inside a room and send it wirelessly to the server.


Nadi AbuMahfouz

Yumin Qiu majors in M.B.A CPA Track in the School of Management at NYIT. Her project at the EnTech lab was focused on data collection, analysis, and visualization, which is obtained from sensors.


Yumin Qiu

Alina Iuldasheva received her M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the Magnitogorsk State Technical University . Her research at EnTech Lab was focused on microgrids and demand response systems.

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Alina Iuldasheva